Welcome 2011 and my New Blog

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2011.  The Holidays are over, hopefully we’ve had a good time – eaten well, spent time with family and friends, enjoyed a party or two.  Now what?.?.?.?    When will we have this much fun again??

Some people make resolutions, I tend to make goals  or quests.  Last year’s was Europe, and that journey started January 1, 2010 (See “All Roads . . . on the Blogroll to the right if you missed it!).  The goal was accomplished, but the blog took on a life of it’s own through the year.  I expect LOST (as I’m already affectionately calling it for short), will do the same.   But so that we will have something to compare it with next December, I have to try and define it now.  So here goes!

The LOST art of Socializing – came from my joy of entertaining and many conversations I’ve had with my friend J on this subject.  In our discussions we asked questions and sometimes provide answers to things such as:

 “Why don’t people entertain any more?”    – “It Cost too Much”

“Why is the same crappy food served at every event?” – People don’t really cook anymore – or don’t really know how to cook.

Does NO one respect social etiquette anymore?   No RSVP’s, No thank you’s, never on time, proper Dress Code – “What is Black Tie”?.

Finally – Friendships/Relationships.   Do people know how to be a friend?  The differences between women’s friendships and men’s friendships.

Finally – Me – There will be a lot of me wrapped into this blog.  My love of Friends, Books, Movies, Entertaining, and People.

I want lots of feed back from the public.  I need real answers to these question.  So, there will be Polls, Surveys and questionnaires.  Please comment and give me ideas for more questions, recipes, pictures etc.  I plan to host 1 event per month – to socialize with my friends.  Check often to know when they are, to get an invited or just critique an event.  Let’s have some fun, get to know each other better, or just stay in touch.

Here’s the first poll – waiting for your answers.  Look for me on FB. or log in at work at  https://semplo2lost.wordpress.com as well.

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