Birthdays – A Time for Celebration!

Even if you don’t entertain or socialize often, most people can usually come up with an excuse to get together for a celebration. Holidays, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

Well today is my daughters birthday and I am devoting my blogs to her.


What better way to let someone know you care about them than to acknowledge their birthday. It can be in the simplest forms, a text, a phone call, or a card. Doesn’t it put a smile on your face when you receive the acknowledgement? The simple fact that they remembered or even knew it was your birthday, can make their day.

Our modern technology has made it easy for us to remember, with FB reminders, alerts on our phones and in our PDA’s. So why wouldn’t we take advantage to make someone special day, just a little more . . . special?

These days give us many ways to celebrate, with a special meal. It gives us an opportunity to try out that recipe that looked good. Try that new recipe or cocktail with a friend or family member. Have a get-together, break the habit of the day to day grind and have some fun.

My daughter doesn’t live here anymore, and of course, I’ll text her and call her, but I wanted to do something a little more “Special”. . . so . . . let me tell you a little bit about the things that make her special to me. . . her Mom.

One of many things Jazmine and I have in common is our love of writing. I remember enrolling her in a writing class one summer back in Buffalo, NY @ Canisus College. What kid wants to spend their summer writing, but. she seemed to enjoy it. I’d like to think that encouraged her in the writings that she does today.

Last year when I wanted to share my European Vacation with friends, she suggested I start a blog. I had no clue how to start – she helped me get through it. Answering all my stupid questions and encouraging me along the way.

Now I have two blogs, this one and “All roads lead to . . . “, my travel blog. Jazz has a travel blog, TravelJonez. It has tips on gadgets, food and wine, as well as resort and location reviews. Visit it sometime, it is funny, entertaining and informative. It is linked on my blogroll to the left. (Also read my tribute to her on All Roads Lead to . . .)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZ! I know you will celebrate, with Good Food, Good Fun, and Good Friends. I look forward to seeing your pictures, hearing about your friends, and sharing in your food and wine choices for this your 31st Birthday. I will also have a cocktail in your honor!

Happy Birthday . . . Love MOM!

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