Movie Day – Are You Ready For Some Football

I Love Movies!  I love going to the theater and watching uninterrupted, on the big screen with that all booming surround sound.  At home, I gave up my cable TV about 3 years ago (that is a rant and rave for another blog), and I subscribed to Columbia House, Netflix and Blockbuster on line.  (All 3 together were cheaper than my monthly cable bill).  Therefore I have an extensive movie collection and watch a fair amount of TV on DVD. 

My favorite movies, I can watch over and over and over again.  I love to jot down movie quotes, or reference them in day to day life where situations present themselves.  On my days off I require non-stop TV to keep me company, and can watch whole TV series in a day or a complete movie saga in an afternoon.   Certain times of the year, special events or holidays get me in the theme mood, and that is where I am today. . . .sooooooo

“Are You Ready for Some Football?”

Well, I am!  As the NFL season gets ready to kick off this Thursday, I realized last night that today (my day off) needed to be a foolbal movie day.  I pulled out my favorites from my shelf and I am just waiting to get started.  One of my all time favorite football movies is Any Given Sunday” with Al Pacino.  My second themed movie for today is the more recent “Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock.  I will also be squeezing in “Remember the Titans” with Denzel Washington.

So, as I watch today, I am trying out a new featured blog subject for LOST – Movie Day, and I am going to try an work out a simple format for this lastest addition to the The LOST Art of Socializing – which as you can see doesn’t have to always be with friends.  Sometimes just a good old fashion Movie Day, with yourself!


Any Given Sunday

 In addition to this being a great football movie, with lots of action on the field, it also has a great story line, that gets into some of the politics and behind the scene aspects of owning, running and coaching a football team.
This all star cast of actors, musicians and real NFL greats, is a must see for any home pre-game  hype you are planning.
It stars one of my favorite Actors, Al Pacino, as well as actor/musician Jamie Foxx, and the oh sooo cute and sexy, L L Cool J.   
My Favorite scene in the movie is the inch speech.  It has so many things that can be applied to every day life.  “. . .Life is just a game of inches. The inches we need are everywhere around us.  On this team, we fight for that inch. . . when we add up all those inches that’s going to make the fucking difference. . . between Living and Dying. 


The Blind Side

I love the opening description of a QB’s blind side, and a good Left Tackles ability to reek havoc on it. 
“The ideal Left Tackle is Big, but alot of people are big.  He’s wide in the butt, and massive in the thighs.  He has long arms, giant hands, and feet as quick as a hiccup.  This is a rare and expensive combination.”        
This is a feel good movie.  There are not a lot of football scenes shown, but it still has what all good sports movies have. . .  A struggle, the understanding of teamwork, and a victory at the end.


Remember the Titans

 A Movie of a team divided from the start.  Coach against coach, player against player, teammate against teammate – and of course the obvious racial struggle in a divided American – Black against White. 
How this team comes together, and watching the players, learn to trust each other and become friends, is the marvel of the movie.  To see a town, drop their prejudices around the struggles and triumphs of a high school football team – is truly great theater to watch. 
Then to realize it is all based on a ture story. . . A must see for my football movie day.
Go to the links for clips, trailers and scences.  Let me know what your favorite football movies are.  If nothing else, watch one of them this week, as we “Get Ready for Some Football”
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