Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has become another means for people to socialize electronically.  Though I would love to rant and rave about how we don’t get together in person anymore, that we spend so much time on the computer, our phones and in front of the TV.  But whatever brings us together, especially when we are so busy, and often live so far from our family and friends I have learned to bridge the gap through many virtual means of socializing.

Fantasy footbal is a  great way to interact with friends  or strangers in a common interest.  If you love the game, creating your own team, gives you an opportunity to compete from your armchair, and it gives me a reason to watch teams other than my beloved Buffalo Bills.

So, yes, I do have a fantasy team, which I picked through a live draft on my computer a couple weeks ago.  Today I get to see if I guessed right.  My methods have very little to do with talent, and more to do with players I know, teams I like, cute players and uniform colors that appeal to me.  lol

But don’t laugh to hard because on “Any Given Sunday” anyone can win or lose.

So enjoy the NFL Season Opener.  Root for your favorite team.  My team is the Buffalo Bills, so be ready for references, and the ups and downs of being a Bills fan,  or pick a team of your choice to cheer for, because it’s time for Football.  Plus what else are you going to talk about Monday morning at the water cooler.

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