Holiday Budget

The most stressful thing about the holidays for me is not the cooking, cleaning, or running around. It’s the money (or lack there of) to do all the things I want.

So over the years, I’ve learned ways to accomplish a good holiday spirit on less. Even if money is not your issue. Doing a Holiday Budget is not a bad idea.

It will open your eyes, before it’s too late. Let you see where you are going to spend your money. And if you keep track, you will know just how your credit card bill got so high, before the January sticker shock kicks in.

So start gathering those Wish List, be sure to make yours (Even if you’re fulfilling your own wish list), Compare your Planning List with your Budget and we will get back to this soon.

21 Days til Thanksgiving
51 Days til Christmas
59 Days til Holidays

Ok, so start your list. A Thanksgiving Section, a Christmas Section  The more you write at this stage the better.  We can shave it down next week.  For now lets just go for the gusto – Put down every person you want to give a gift to.  Every activity you want to go to.  The friends and family you want to see.  Now we won’t get to it all, but I gurantee we will do more this holiday and we will have a joyous season.




     Gifts   –   List, People,  Office


     Party’s  –  Outfit  – Dress, Rent a Tux, etc


    Entertainment  – Nut Cracker,  Festival of Lights,  Festival of Trees



New Years

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