Holiday Movies

I enjoy Movies all year long.  But I step it up at the Holidays.  I spend Christams Day at the movie theater, seeing all the new releases.  But it seems like each year the movie releases come out sooner and sooner.  So I am getting ahead of the game this year and I’m taking you with me.  One of my personal traditions that help to keep me in the  holiday spirit is watching holiday movies.  I’ve been compiling my list, and re-arranging my netflix que so that I get at least 1 holiday movie in a week. 

So let’s start compiling our list.

Personal Holiday Collection – I have a few Christmas Movies that I have bought and I watch them every year –  it’s part of my tradition.  I pack them away in my Christmas box with the ornaments and lights and get surprised and excited each year when I open them.  I also try to add a movie to the box each year.

Miracle on 34th Street

This is in my personal collection.  Sorry guys, I own the new version and have never seen the original.  It is a feel good movie that you can watch for Thanksgiving.  The movie begins on Thanksgiving Day for what is reality in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and goes through Christmas.  So whether you watch this one for Thanksgiving or Christmas its a good Holiday Movie.

Breaking Dawn

This year I’m kicking off my holiday movie season next Friday, November 18th, with the opening of the next movie in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  I’m a big fan of the twilight saga, I read all the books and have seen all the movies thus far.  I am gearing up, in that my Sunday Movie today  (After I finish watching my beloved Buffalo Bills) , is to re-watch Eclipse.  I also plan to re-read Breaking Dawn.  (I know I’m obsessive, but I just love it).

I will be suggesting and reviewing holiday movies each week.  I would love to hear your favorites and suggestion, so that we can compile a “LOST” top 10 Holiday Movies list for Next Year.

Here are some random titles – Starting selecting!

An Old Fashion Thanksgiving

The Santa Clause                                       Grumpy Old Men

The Holiday                                                The Preachers Wife

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