Menu Planning

If you are cooking dinner.  This is the first step.  It is time to plan our menu.  I am planning a solitary Thanksgiving, but the fun for me is cooking this Thanksgiving Dinner.  The Menu is where I start.


I know I’m having turkey.  I love turkey at Thanksgiving.  I only cook turkey at Thanksgiving, even though I always wonder why that is.  It is economical, it last for several meals, and it tastes good.  So that’s my main course.

Now for the sides

 After the Star Main Course, the sides are the next most exciting thing.  Why you may ask? ? ?  The holidays are those times when we make more than are necessary. (1 vegetable, 1 starch)  We go all out an go over board.  I don’t care if I have rice, potatoes  and pasta.  The more the merrier.  So the following for me are sort of traditional.

Corn Pudding – Macaroni & Cheese – Greens

Corn Pudding

Some sides that may be standard at your dinners.

Mashed Potatoes – Green Bean Casserole





Now I didn’t list stuffing as a side.  Because it is the side kick to Turkey.  For Thanksgiving you can’t have one without the other.  It’s like peanutbutter with no jelly.  Whether you call it stuffing or dressing it is a part of the show.

FYI – my definition is . . .  Stuffing is cooked inside the Turkey and Dressing is done in that pan in the oven.  Also I feel that dressing has to have some cornbread in it someplace, even if you add those crouton shaped stuffing mix also.  And yes , I make both – that Turkey Cavity would never hold enough.  But you have got to agree – that Stuffing out of the Turkey is the BEST!


Even though I may not eat much of it, I have to make a dessert.  If you are a baker (which I am not) this may be your favorite section.  This is another area where execess is good.  Cakes, Pies, Ice Cream serve it all.  Dessert is by far the best half time snack for that second football game.


I love appetizers.  Those little small bites of something delicious.  I alwyas prepare one.  It is a good start to the meal, and it holds everyones appeitite until the feast is ready


Of Course we have to have a cocktail.  Preferably 2.  One for the cook, and any helpers while you finish the meal. One for your guest when they arrive.  Be sure to make a non-alcoholic one for the kids and those that don’t indulge.  A Holiday Punch for dinner is also a good idea.

Now you’ve got the draft.  Start filling in your menu.  Check back all this week as we put this Thanksgiving dinner together.

Count down Continues – 17 Days til Thanksgiving

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