We’ve spent all month talking about the feast that we are going to have in 3 days.  So I have to take this time to give some advice that will make you feel better, and spare some guilt. 

If we are going to pig-out and cheat during this holiday season, you have to at least continue some kind of workout routine. 

Now I have no intention of giving up the  potatoes, or vegtables smothered in cheese, definitely not the egg nog, the cookies, or the cakes.   I will have too many cocktails, too much food, and tooooo  many calories.  But I don’t want to have January first roll around and find out that the 15 pounds I’ve lost this year have come back home. 

So a simple trick – 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Period!.    I know it’s work, I don’t want to do it either.  It’s hibernation season.  Mother Nature is working against us.  It’s cold outside – It’s dark in the morning, it’s dark in the evening, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat comfort food.  Our body doesn’t let go of the calories so easily now, it is storing up for the long winter.  So we have got to fight against that, and burn at least some of the extra calories that we will  pack on in the 39 days we have between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Now if you are already going to the gym, and have kept up your workout routine, fine you can skip this.  But if you are like me, and the season changing has put you on stall, nows the time to step it up.  If you don’t go to the gym, burn calories wherever you can.  While shopping park at the far end of the lot.  Take a stroll around a level of the mall.  Do some window shopping, burn some calories and maybe get some ideas for the people on your Christmas Gift List.

Take a Walk.  While at work, use one of your breaks or lunch to walk.  Replace a cigarette break with a lap around the parking lot.  Take a sandwich or energy bar for lunch and walk instead of sitting and eating lunch.  I know I said 30 min every day,  But if you can get in a 30 minute workout 3 times a week, you will probably get through the holidays, maintaining your current weight, or just a couple pounds up.

Wait til the New Year to lose weight, now is not the time!  Just maintain, have fun and enjoy the holidays.  We’ve got New Years resolutions to add those new weight loss goals on.

3 days til Thanksgiving

34 days til Christmas

42 days til New Years

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