Cooking Prep – Slice & Dice

If you don’t want to spend all of Thanksgiving Day in the Kitchen, you better do some cooking prep.  If you watch cooking shows, they have all their ingredients laid out just waiting for them to dump in a receipe as needed.  Well, I don’t have a Sous Chef at my house, so I just have a slice & dice day.

Now this weekend I did finished off the rest of my Thanksgiving Shopping.  I went to the store with Menu and grocery list in hand.  I made some of my final menu decisions right in the grocery store, based on price and quality of ingredients.  I came home put it all away, and figured I’d done enough for the day.


So now it’s time to prep, to make my life easier and accomplish a little everyday after work for the next 3 days.  (Yeah, I started a couple days ago).

I chopped onions.  So many of the receipes I’m using call for onions, and I have 6 large ones, yellow and white to chop.  It’s a dirty job, but one I’ll be glad I’ve done when it is actually time to cook.   I need onions for my second course soup, for my stuffing as well as my vegetables.  Once chopped they can be put in containers (1 cup gladware for me), and easily dumped into my receipes when I’m cooking.

Yesterday after getting off work at 9:00 p.m., I made the corn bread for my stuffing.  I got to turn on the oven, instead of my heat – and I had one more thing prepared and in the fridge for my Cooking day. 

This evening,  I will roast my sweet potatoes, and make up the filling for my Sweet Potatoe Pies.  I will also mix together my corn pudding, and stuffing.  All this with some music in the background and a Dark & Stormy on the counter.

Dark & Stormy

Wednesday evening with 1 day left to cook.  I will bake my Sweet Potatoe and Pecan Pies.  Prep my green vegtables, and put my Mac & Cheese together.  Cocktail time – IT IS A HOLIDAY.  Now it’s time for a holiday movie, to wind down.      Yaawwwwnnn – I’m falling asleep one more thing to day . . .

 . . . to find out what it is.  Read tomorrows blog.  You won’t want to miss the STAR of this show!

2 Days til Thanksgiving

33 Days til Christmas

41 Days to New Years

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