I’m always amazed to hear people talk about  their difficulty in cooking a turkey.  It’s just like chicken only bigger : )  Well slight exaggeration there.  I also find it interesting how many people say “Aaah, I just get sick of it” – Well, hell, I eat chicken at least 3 day out of the week !   I enjoy Turkey for that week or 2 that it is around for Thanksgiving.

So back to our bird.  It is the poster child for the American Thanksgiving Dinner.  Believe it or not, its easy to cook.  Here is my surefire way to cook your turkey –  no fuss method – and guranteed for you to wake up to a house smelling like Thanksgiving.


Frozen turkey in Pan to Thaw in Refrigerator 2-days

1.   Make sure your turkey is thawed out. 

   o  Wash him

   o  Be sure to take the packets out of the neck cavity.  (I cooked my first turkey with them inside.  lol) and sprinkle salt in the large inner cavity.

2.  Oil Him Up – you can use oil or butter.  It’s the holidays so I use butter.

   o  To add some flavor and that Thanksgiving aroma.  Mix Thyme and sage into your softened butter.

   0  Then rub the butter all over your Turkey.  Give him a good massage.  Be sure to get the back and the creases around the wings and

Put in Fridge for Slow Thaw

legs.  (This will ensure that nice golden brown coloring as well as add flavor.)  Put your turkey in his roasting pan, and put him in the frig.

3.  The last thing you do before you go to bed Wednesday night bout 11:oo or 12:00 . . . .  Put your turkey in the oven, turn the heat to about 250 degrees and GO TO BED!

When you wake up you will smell that wonderful turkey/thanksgiving smell coming from the kitchen.  Get up peek at your bird, make some coffee.  If  you’re an early riser and he’s not brown enough, leave him in a little longer.

Take him out the oven.  Just sit it aside and let it rest.  If you’re only cooking for you this is the best time to steal that piece of crispy skin.  If you’re preparing a dinner for guest.    Before dinner show him off and then carve and put meat on a platter for serving.  

Your oven is free for the rest of the day for all the other dishes you are making.

 If you are presenting your bird whole and want to take it out of the oven and straight to the table.  You can always put it in Thanksgiving day and do the old so many minutes per pound method.  But the slow cook method in that low 200 oven, never burns, never dries out and presents a done and tasty bird.





1 Day til Thanksgiving

32 Days til Christmas

40 Days til 2012

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