Well, it  was just the beginning of the month and we were starting this countdown to the holidays. As always we sit here and say “What happened to the time?”  Well, if you’ve been following along, today should be easy. 

Now, I’m single and live alone, so all this cooking and prep has been only for me.  There no big gathering, no family or friends coming over to share this meal.   So this is how I spend my day, and I get to share it with you.  

I start my Thanksgiving Dinner early in the day.  I eat it in stages, I graze all day long.  This keeps the festivites going and I have something to look forward to every hour.  Today, I’m going to take you with me.  I will be updating the post every few hours with the next course or so.  I’m posting a little later because I slept in.  I was also up to 3:00 a.m. baking pies.  But I get ahead of myself.  So pictures in a hour of two.

First Look - Still in the Oven

9:00 a.m.  I woke up and smelled my turkey.  I figured I better check since I had slept late.  I opened the oven and the picture shows what I saw.  It smelled good, and was done.  I pop it back in for about 10 more minutes with the top off to brown a little more and did a quick baste with my buttery pan drippings.  When I took it out I was going to try and lift it with my turkey prongs, and the wings just fell off.  Wonderful, no need to mess with perfection.  I set it on the stove to rest, and since the wings were just falling off the bone anyway I figured I’d give it a taste.  Oooooh,  Turkey doesn’t need wings anyway, so I ate the other one.  I guess that was breakfast.

Then it was time for coffee.  I brewed a pot.  Logged on to FB, (had to cook in my Cafe World kitchen as well ), and then had a 2 hour Skype conversation with my BFF.  We discussed cooking, this Thanksgiving and I watched her cook.

Since we had a two hour conversation, and that fact that she lives on the east coast, at some point she suggested that it was time for a cocktail.  (Heck, it’s always 5:00 o’clock somewhere)  So we decided to share a glass of the Wine that we made when she was here in Phoenix this summer.  EXTRAVAGANZA.   (To find out more about how we made this wine check out these two links.  One from my travel blog:  All Roads Lead to . . .  and my Daughters Blog:   Travel Jonez. )

Next will be my first course, which will be a soup.  Be sure to check back to see which one I decided to make.

4:00 p.m.  I had my Soup .  I made the Buttermilk Squash Soup, and it was absolutely delicious.  I will post the receipe next week, it is definitely a keeper, and I get my first point on my soup quest.  It was light and a good flavor and the cumin butter made the dish.

Corn Pudding

After this course I watched a Thanksgiving Movie “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving”.  It was a cute movie and a good way to spend the afternoon.  I then put my corn pudding in the oven, along with my extra dressing .  It came out just fine.  It was piping hot and I wanted to dig in – but I was still full from the soup.

Front Oven - Back from Turkey

After my Movie I figured it was time to carve up that Turkey.  I did that nibbling all the way.  I took the stuffing out of the turkey put it in the bowl that in the back of the picture.  As you can see it’s too small so I nibble off of that as well.  So when I should have been eating dinner, I was just full from nibbling.  I made my gravy which turned out perfectly – no lumps at all.

Perfect Gravy

About 7:00 p.m. I made my tiny plate.  Now I’m stuffed, but still

wanting my dessert.  Either way I’m posting the dessert pictures, and I will have it later with some coffee. 

Pecan Pie & Sweet Potato Pie

Either way I would say Thanksgiving 2011 was a success and I have many things to be thanksful for.

Enjoy the slide show of all the pictures below.  One holiday down 2 to go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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