Movies – Holiday Movies

After Christmas last year I was in a store, and saw this little  4 pack of  holiday movies.  It was cheap and I thought , “Oh this will be nice to add to my Christmas Collection.”   I bought it for $4.99, put it in my Christmas box and forgot about it!

Last week as I was waiting for Netflix to deliver my next batch of movies, I brought out my Christmas bargin from last year.  I looked at the titles not really recognizing any of them.  They each had at least one actor/actress that I recognized.  The blurb on the back did nothing to let me know if I was going to like them or not.  So with nothing else to watch, I popped them in and started watching.

 As they started I thought, this is kind of cheesy, but as they played through, and I went about my day, I realized these were the perfect movies to be playing in the background as you baked cookies or decorated the tree.  During the week I watched them all.  They each have a feel good aspect, a change of heart or attitude, a Christmas miracle or two, and a whole lot of  love and family.

So I wholeheartedly recommend adding these to your collection.  I can see looking at these year after year as a comfortable old favorite.  With a cup of hot chocolate or a warm Chai Toddy, curled up on the couch enjoying the holiday!

3 weeks – 21 Days til Christmas

How many Christmas Movies or Special can you get in?   Challenge – I’ve now got 4 and Counting.  Keep up if you can!

29 Days til 2012

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