Wish List – These are a few of my Favorite things!

Christmas Shopping – this is usually what stresses people out.  Now if we would all just prepare our wish list like we use to do for Santa, life for our loved ones would be easier.  (And you wouldn’t have to look so disappointed on Christmas morning).   This is a good tradition that you can institute with your children and families.

My kids use to start in November, looking through the toys r us ads  My daughter, the oldest, use to cut out pictures of stuff and tape them on paper to give to me early.  She then proceeded to organize her 3 younger brothers with their list.  It was a project for them that had them looking in the Sunday paper for the ads, and at least a hour of occupied activities.  I then had a list and pictures to take to the store.  It was wonderful.

So, here we go, I challenge you to make your Christmas Wish List.  Just a few of your favorite things.  It also gives me something to do, so I can do my Christmas Shopping, and refuse the urge to shop for myself.

Movies –  You all know I love movies.  I spend Christmas Day at the theater, watching the new releases.  So Movie Passes are always a good gift for me.  Also movies to add to my DVD collection.  A few that I want to add are:  Waiting to Exhale,  American President and Grey’s Anatomy Season 7.

Gift Cards -This is an easy f ix these days, espeically for last minute shoppers.  It wonderful, that grocery stores now have a large selection for us all to choose from.  The nice thing about gift cards, is that in January or any other time when I am low on money, I can treat myself, with a meal, or a little shopping trip, that brightens my day and reminds me of the person who thought enough of me to buy me something. For me – these are just a few of my favorite places  – and Gift Cards work just fine!

Starbucks –  I can always enjoy a Grande something, either in the morning, or on a sunny afternoon sitting outside, using wi-fi.

Amazon – I have a kindle and am a avid reader.  An Amazon gift card, helps keep me in books, and it also is a good source for me to get some of my DVD’s to add to my collection.

Red Lobster – I love Red Lobster, and I often treat myself to a treat of theseafood, and of course bisquits.

My favorite everyday store is TARGET.  I can browse through there for hours, and it is never a problem finding something I want – from clothes, to household stuff.  This is always a winner with me!

Last but not least – This girl always loves shoes.  DSW – a DSW gift card will get squeals of delight.  Cause nothing says Merry Christmas like shoes.  :  )

So relax, you now know what will bring a smile to my face and I’m sure you have some ideas for the last minute people on your list.  But next year get there wish list early.  Now relax and have some Egg Nog, Christmas is almost here.

5 Days til Christmas

13 Days til 2012

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