End of the Old – Awaiting the New

I started this blog a year ago, planning for it’s subject matter to be about the lost art of socialization.  For me to assess my 2011 blog goals and set new ones for 2012, I had to go back to my first LOST blogs and see what it was I’d planned to say.

I thought I had strayed far away from my original goals . . . but when I looked back, I wasn’t too far off.  I asked some questions that shaped this blog. . .


2011 Goals

 “Why don’t people entertain any more?”    – “It Cost too Much”

“Why is the same crappy food served at every event?” – People don’t really cook anymore – or don’t really know how to cook.

Does NO one respect social etiquette anymore?   No RSVP’s, No thank you’s, never on time, proper Dress Code – “What is Black Tie”?.

Finally – Friendships/Relationships.   Do people know how to be a friend?  The differences between women’s friendships and men’s friendships.

Finally – Me – There will be a lot of me wrapped into this blog.  My love of Friends, Books, Movies, Entertaining, and People.


Movies – I didn’t see many movies this year – All of the ones I saw we pretty much in the last month of this year.

So Next year my goal is to see 1 movie a month.

Books – I read alot.  I got a Kindle last Christmas and this year I read over 75 books.   So I don’t think I need to set a goal for next year, let’s just say I’m going to continue reading.  Let’s just see if I can break this record for next year.  I will maybe review a few and give my suggestions or favorite.  Maybe some other Kindle Users to share with.

Food – Well I did a  little on food.  Especially for the Holidays.  I took some pictures of interesting meals.  But for next year, I’m going to be more direct on cooking.   I’ve wanted to get better at making soups and sauces.  So I will be starting a feature on Wednesday’s  entitled Soup’s On @ 1102.   I will feature a soup recipe and review my results from last week recipe.  I should be able to come up with 2 or 3  soups worth keeping.

Entertaining – Cocktails

What’s a party without a good drink!  So we’re definitely keeping Happy Hour @ 1102.  New cocktails on Fridays, giving us new cocktail to try at home, which will make you a great mix master when you do have a party.

I’m sure that’s more than enough to keep me busy with LOST.  Hopefully, I will have some events with my friends, and we can focus on party planning. Anything that can keep your interest in 2012.

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