New Year’s Eve Plan

New Year’s Eve 2004, I was getting ready to move to Phoenix.  I watched “Waiting to Exhale”.  The movie takes place in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ.  It starts on New Year’s Eve, and spans a year in the life of four friends, and ends New Year’s Eve the following year.  Since I was moving here, it had double meaning.   Since then it has become my New Year’s Eve Movie.  This Christmas I bought the movie to add to my collection. (No need to keep renting it every year.)

I also want to go to the theater to see “New Years Eve” a movie that came out this holiday season.

Then finally to top it off tomorrow, I plan to watch “2012”.  Ok, yeah I know, I’m hokey.  But I love to put a theme together, and this movie combination sounds like a winner.

So for my New Year’s Eve Movie Fest, I will have Champagne, a Lobster Tail, an appetizer food fest, and veg out with my favorite New Year’s Movies.  Whatever you do, “Trip the Light Fantastic”,  Have Fun and be Safe

10,  9,  8,   7,   6,  5,  4,  3,  2,  1 . . .

Happy New Year!

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This Christmas

For me it’s 4 days before Christmas, and my last day off before Christmas.  So I need to overdose on my Christmas Movies.  Today’s Choice is THIS CHRISTMAS – Starring Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer, Regina King and Chris Brown.

This is the story of the Whitfield Family.  The Mother, affectionately called MaDear, greatest joy is to have all her children home for Christmas.  The family owns a dry cleaning business, which arouses some heated discussions among the children.

The Opening Credits play to “Santa Baby” as the members of the Whitfield family are introduced.  Youngest Brother that every calls baby,  and older sister Lisa, who is the responsible one and is always nagging the other sisters.

Quinton, the oldest, and black sheep of the family, is ultimately the child MaDear longs to be home for Christmas the most.  Joe Black, who is MaDear boyfriend and secretely lives with her – Or so she thinks it’s a secret.

Like with all big Families, there are many secrets, that some are privy too and others are not.  Of course, like most secrets, they have a way of coming out.  And thus the family drama begins.  But this story is an interesting mix of Family dynamics, where almost everyone has a secret.  The unfolding of those secrets make for a funny and heartwarming Christmas Movie.   The music is great, with a couple good songs sung by Chris Brown.  I highly recommend it.  I’m adding it to my Christmas Collection!

3 Days til Christmas

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Wish List – These are a few of my Favorite things!

Christmas Shopping – this is usually what stresses people out.  Now if we would all just prepare our wish list like we use to do for Santa, life for our loved ones would be easier.  (And you wouldn’t have to look so disappointed on Christmas morning).   This is a good tradition that you can institute with your children and families.

My kids use to start in November, looking through the toys r us ads  My daughter, the oldest, use to cut out pictures of stuff and tape them on paper to give to me early.  She then proceeded to organize her 3 younger brothers with their list.  It was a project for them that had them looking in the Sunday paper for the ads, and at least a hour of occupied activities.  I then had a list and pictures to take to the store.  It was wonderful.

So, here we go, I challenge you to make your Christmas Wish List.  Just a few of your favorite things.  It also gives me something to do, so I can do my Christmas Shopping, and refuse the urge to shop for myself.

Movies –  You all know I love movies.  I spend Christmas Day at the theater, watching the new releases.  So Movie Passes are always a good gift for me.  Also movies to add to my DVD collection.  A few that I want to add are:  Waiting to Exhale,  American President and Grey’s Anatomy Season 7.

Gift Cards -This is an easy f ix these days, espeically for last minute shoppers.  It wonderful, that grocery stores now have a large selection for us all to choose from.  The nice thing about gift cards, is that in January or any other time when I am low on money, I can treat myself, with a meal, or a little shopping trip, that brightens my day and reminds me of the person who thought enough of me to buy me something. For me – these are just a few of my favorite places  – and Gift Cards work just fine!

Starbucks –  I can always enjoy a Grande something, either in the morning, or on a sunny afternoon sitting outside, using wi-fi.

Amazon – I have a kindle and am a avid reader.  An Amazon gift card, helps keep me in books, and it also is a good source for me to get some of my DVD’s to add to my collection.

Red Lobster – I love Red Lobster, and I often treat myself to a treat of theseafood, and of course bisquits.

My favorite everyday store is TARGET.  I can browse through there for hours, and it is never a problem finding something I want – from clothes, to household stuff.  This is always a winner with me!

Last but not least – This girl always loves shoes.  DSW – a DSW gift card will get squeals of delight.  Cause nothing says Merry Christmas like shoes.  :  )

So relax, you now know what will bring a smile to my face and I’m sure you have some ideas for the last minute people on your list.  But next year get there wish list early.  Now relax and have some Egg Nog, Christmas is almost here.

5 Days til Christmas

13 Days til 2012

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Movie – The Preachers Wife

This week Christmas Movie was The Preacher’s Wife.  Another great story of  the magic of Christmas.  A great cast starring Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston, Courtney Vance, and Loretta Devine.  There’s a small part that Lionel Richie plays.  With Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston, this movie also has a great soundtrack.  The Mississippi Mass Choir is also featured.

This story is told from the view of a little boy.  This is what makes the movie magical.  The imagination and faith of a child, shows us all what the spirit of Christmas is about.  One of the closing lines in the movie says it all.

“Just because you can’t see the air, doesn’t stop you from breathing.  Just because you can’t see God, doesn’t stop you from believing!”  His dad, who is the preacher, response is. . . “Son, that’s what we call Faith!”

So, in the season of hustle and bustle, remember the reason for the season, is love, hope, faith and belief in the many kindnesses and love that we are suppose to be celebrating.

Movie Challenge Update:  6 Movies

6 Days til Christmas

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Movie – The Santa Clause

A Movie that answers all the magic of Christmas for anyone who wants to believe.   I love this movie, on so many levels.  There is a comedic level that appeals to adults and a wonderful story of Santa Claus for kids.

Charlie, the adorable child of divorced parents is struggling with his two dads different beliefs in Santa Claus.  To not spoil the story for those who haven’t seen it, I’ll  just focus on the magic that we can take from the movie.   In a conversation between Judy the Elf and Scott Calvin a.k.a. Santa Claus, Judy sums up what we all need to remember about the magic of Christmas.

Judy the Elf: “Most grownups can’t believe in magic – It just sort of grows out of them. 

SC:  I see it, but I don’t believe it.

Judy:  You’re missing the point.  Seeing isn’t believing,  believing is seeing.  Kids don’t have to see this place (the North Pole)  to know that it’s here.  They just . . . know.

So take a few moments this holiday season, and just BELIEVE.  Enjoy the magic, have some fun – and watch a great Movie. Remember –   Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

I highly recommend this movie! 

Movie Challenge update:  5 Movies

2 weeks til Christmas

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Movies – Holiday Movies

After Christmas last year I was in a store, and saw this little  4 pack of  holiday movies.  It was cheap and I thought , “Oh this will be nice to add to my Christmas Collection.”   I bought it for $4.99, put it in my Christmas box and forgot about it!

Last week as I was waiting for Netflix to deliver my next batch of movies, I brought out my Christmas bargin from last year.  I looked at the titles not really recognizing any of them.  They each had at least one actor/actress that I recognized.  The blurb on the back did nothing to let me know if I was going to like them or not.  So with nothing else to watch, I popped them in and started watching.

 As they started I thought, this is kind of cheesy, but as they played through, and I went about my day, I realized these were the perfect movies to be playing in the background as you baked cookies or decorated the tree.  During the week I watched them all.  They each have a feel good aspect, a change of heart or attitude, a Christmas miracle or two, and a whole lot of  love and family.

So I wholeheartedly recommend adding these to your collection.  I can see looking at these year after year as a comfortable old favorite.  With a cup of hot chocolate or a warm Chai Toddy, curled up on the couch enjoying the holiday!

3 weeks – 21 Days til Christmas

How many Christmas Movies or Special can you get in?   Challenge – I’ve now got 4 and Counting.  Keep up if you can!

29 Days til 2012

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Holiday Movie Premier

 I’m excited – Tomorrow I take in my first holiday movie of the season.  The long awaited premier of Breaking Dawn starts.

Now I realize that if you are not a “Twilight” fan, this will all seem silly.  But I got hooked on this saga – not for the movies – but because of the books. 

Stephenie Meyer wrote these 4 books and this wonderfully detailed story of vampires, werewolves (shape shifters), and a high school girl and her family.  An wove it into an amazing love triangle that captured my heart and imagination like no series of books has done since Emma Harte.

The series also depicts extradinary love, between friends and family.  It speaks to getting over your differences, even if they are century old conflicts, understanding your enemies, and working together for a common goal – In this story the love of another person.

In addition to all of the supernatural characteristics of the non human species, this is a story that was a  page turner in all four 600 plus page books.  An even then, as I read I couldn’t wait to get to the next one and was sad when the story ended in Breaking Dawn.

The movie is my opportunity to see if hollywood captures on the screen, what my minds eye imagined. 

In preparation for what I plan to be my holiday movie kickoff day, I rented Eclipse,  the previous Twilight Saga movie, and watched it 2 weekends ago. 

Then last week I re-read the 754 pages of Breaking Dawn to refresh my memory.  It was just as captivation the second time around.  I sat up late nights reading til 2:00 a.m. (when I knew I had to work in the morning), because I just couldn’t put it down.  I cried like a baby, at all the sad parts like I didn’t know how it was going to end.

The only difference, I didn’t have the sadness when I finished because the story was over, and I wasn’t going to be in Edward, Bella and Jacobs lives tomorrow because . . . .

Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. I’m going to re-live the drama on the Big Screen !   I CAN’T WAIT ! ! ! !


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Holiday Movies

I enjoy Movies all year long.  But I step it up at the Holidays.  I spend Christams Day at the movie theater, seeing all the new releases.  But it seems like each year the movie releases come out sooner and sooner.  So I am getting ahead of the game this year and I’m taking you with me.  One of my personal traditions that help to keep me in the  holiday spirit is watching holiday movies.  I’ve been compiling my list, and re-arranging my netflix que so that I get at least 1 holiday movie in a week. 

So let’s start compiling our list.

Personal Holiday Collection – I have a few Christmas Movies that I have bought and I watch them every year –  it’s part of my tradition.  I pack them away in my Christmas box with the ornaments and lights and get surprised and excited each year when I open them.  I also try to add a movie to the box each year.

Miracle on 34th Street

This is in my personal collection.  Sorry guys, I own the new version and have never seen the original.  It is a feel good movie that you can watch for Thanksgiving.  The movie begins on Thanksgiving Day for what is reality in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and goes through Christmas.  So whether you watch this one for Thanksgiving or Christmas its a good Holiday Movie.

Breaking Dawn

This year I’m kicking off my holiday movie season next Friday, November 18th, with the opening of the next movie in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  I’m a big fan of the twilight saga, I read all the books and have seen all the movies thus far.  I am gearing up, in that my Sunday Movie today  (After I finish watching my beloved Buffalo Bills) , is to re-watch Eclipse.  I also plan to re-read Breaking Dawn.  (I know I’m obsessive, but I just love it).

I will be suggesting and reviewing holiday movies each week.  I would love to hear your favorites and suggestion, so that we can compile a “LOST” top 10 Holiday Movies list for Next Year.

Here are some random titles – Starting selecting!

An Old Fashion Thanksgiving

The Santa Clause                                       Grumpy Old Men

The Holiday                                                The Preachers Wife

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Movie Day – Are You Ready For Some Football

I Love Movies!  I love going to the theater and watching uninterrupted, on the big screen with that all booming surround sound.  At home, I gave up my cable TV about 3 years ago (that is a rant and rave for another blog), and I subscribed to Columbia House, Netflix and Blockbuster on line.  (All 3 together were cheaper than my monthly cable bill).  Therefore I have an extensive movie collection and watch a fair amount of TV on DVD. 

My favorite movies, I can watch over and over and over again.  I love to jot down movie quotes, or reference them in day to day life where situations present themselves.  On my days off I require non-stop TV to keep me company, and can watch whole TV series in a day or a complete movie saga in an afternoon.   Certain times of the year, special events or holidays get me in the theme mood, and that is where I am today. . . .sooooooo

“Are You Ready for Some Football?”

Well, I am!  As the NFL season gets ready to kick off this Thursday, I realized last night that today (my day off) needed to be a foolbal movie day.  I pulled out my favorites from my shelf and I am just waiting to get started.  One of my all time favorite football movies is Any Given Sunday” with Al Pacino.  My second themed movie for today is the more recent “Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock.  I will also be squeezing in “Remember the Titans” with Denzel Washington.

So, as I watch today, I am trying out a new featured blog subject for LOST – Movie Day, and I am going to try an work out a simple format for this lastest addition to the The LOST Art of Socializing – which as you can see doesn’t have to always be with friends.  Sometimes just a good old fashion Movie Day, with yourself!


Any Given Sunday

 In addition to this being a great football movie, with lots of action on the field, it also has a great story line, that gets into some of the politics and behind the scene aspects of owning, running and coaching a football team.
This all star cast of actors, musicians and real NFL greats, is a must see for any home pre-game  hype you are planning.
It stars one of my favorite Actors, Al Pacino, as well as actor/musician Jamie Foxx, and the oh sooo cute and sexy, L L Cool J.   
My Favorite scene in the movie is the inch speech.  It has so many things that can be applied to every day life.  “. . .Life is just a game of inches. The inches we need are everywhere around us.  On this team, we fight for that inch. . . when we add up all those inches that’s going to make the fucking difference. . . between Living and Dying. 


The Blind Side

I love the opening description of a QB’s blind side, and a good Left Tackles ability to reek havoc on it. 
“The ideal Left Tackle is Big, but alot of people are big.  He’s wide in the butt, and massive in the thighs.  He has long arms, giant hands, and feet as quick as a hiccup.  This is a rare and expensive combination.”        
This is a feel good movie.  There are not a lot of football scenes shown, but it still has what all good sports movies have. . .  A struggle, the understanding of teamwork, and a victory at the end.


Remember the Titans

 A Movie of a team divided from the start.  Coach against coach, player against player, teammate against teammate – and of course the obvious racial struggle in a divided American – Black against White. 
How this team comes together, and watching the players, learn to trust each other and become friends, is the marvel of the movie.  To see a town, drop their prejudices around the struggles and triumphs of a high school football team – is truly great theater to watch. 
Then to realize it is all based on a ture story. . . A must see for my football movie day.
Go to the links for clips, trailers and scences.  Let me know what your favorite football movies are.  If nothing else, watch one of them this week, as we “Get Ready for Some Football”
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Introduction to “LOST”

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun

This is what “the LOST Art of Socializing!”  – LOST for short – is about. 

Some of my best moments in life revolve around the times I spend with my friends.  When they are not physically here with me, I’m reminded of their individual likes and dislikes, as I watch a movie, taste a new cocktail, cook or eat a delicious meal or appetizer.

My life revolves around the next event, trip, party or get-together with the people that put a smile on my face, share similar interest and bring positive energy.  Forever looking for the opportunity to “Trip the Light Fantastic!”

This blog will highlight those things that get me from one point to another.  It will have Food, in the form of ideas, pictures and receipes.  Drinks, I’m always looking for a new cocktail to try, or make at home.  Movie and Book quotes and reviews.  Friends – the people in my life (you get to know them through my stories and pictures), the people I meet and the things that really are the socialization of my life.

This blog is still developing, so please feel free to agree or disagree with my opinions, improve on my receipes, give me suggestions for new things to try, and or new places to see.

So . . . Come, and trip it, as you go, On the light fantastic toe

                         –      John Milton 1645

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