Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun

This is what “the LOST Art of Socializing!”  – LOST for short – is about. 

Some of my best moments in life revolve around the times I spend with my friends.  When they are not physically here with me, I’m reminded of their individual likes and dislikes, as I watch a movie, taste a new cocktail, cook or eat a delicious meal or appetizer.

My life revolves around the next event, trip, party or get-together with the people that put a smile on my face, share similar interest and bring positive energy.  Forever looking for the opportunity to “Trip the Light Fantastic!”

This blog will highlight those things that get me from one point to another.  It will have Food, in the form of ideas, pictures and receipes.  Drinks, I’m always looking for a new cocktail to try, or make at home.  Movie and Book quotes and reviews.  Friends – the people in my life (you get to know them through my stories and pictures), the people I meet and the things that really are the socialization of my life.

This blog is still developing, so please feel free to agree or disagree with my opinions, improve on my receipes, give me suggestions for new things to try, and or new places to see.

So . . . Come, and trip it, as you go, On the light fantastic toe

                         –      John Milton 1645

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